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  • Letter carpet for coloringa kit for learning the letters A–B. A perfect kit for learning the letters Using the kit develops visual skills such as hand-eye coordination. Develops imagination and creativity and imparts patience and concentration. Strengthens hand muscles and fine motor skills.
  • The letters A–B, including the final letters, appear on the carpet. Next to each letter appears a drawing of an object or a figure that begins with the opening letter of the letter. For example, next to the letter A, there are drawings of a lion, an airplane, and a popsicle. Next to the letter B, there are drawings of a banana, a duck, a tap, and so on.
  • Carpet size: 80 x 80 cm.
  • How do you create? Take out the cloth carpet and spread it on a stable surface. Take out the special markers and color the carpet to your liking. The carpet can be washed and is ready for repainting! What's in it? Cloth carpet for dyeing 12 washing colors
  • Age : 3+
  • Participants : 1+
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